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Don’t worry, Beauty Medical Aesthetics can help those worry lines, wrinkles, deep forehead furrows,  frown lines in the eyebrows,and crow's feet around the eyes. We offer the injector experience and non-surgical muscle relaxant products that are customized to your face and muscle structure. These products use neurotoxins that temporarily interfere  with the signals nerves send to the small dynamic muscles responsible for facial expressions such as squinting and frowning. The weakened muscles relax, which lifts or eliminates wrinkles. Click on the four products listed here to learn more. 

Jeuveau (Newtox) 


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That discount price on Botox at some med-spas may be diluted and less potent?   You may not be getting what you are paying for.


BOB, the “Basics of Botox”. You already know the basics from talking with friends or reading websites.

You know it is FDA approved for facial lines and wrinkles and will make you look younger. You know

Botox is a purified protein derived from Clostridium Botulinum which is a toxin and sounds scary but millions of

happy patients keep coming back for more and it is safe. You probably already know Botox blocks

signals from the nerves to the muscles (neuromodulator) thus impairing muscle contractions beneath the skin that cause wrinkles to form. Without these contractions, your skin appears smooth and wrinkle-free. You know it’s relatively pain free, not time consuming, and there is no downtime afterwards.  You may even know it can

be priced on a “per unit” consumed or on a “per area” treated.  However, now you have apprehension about what to do next?

WTF, “What To Fear”?  There are many things to worry about such as finding an Aesthetics Provider

with the right experience, skills, products, and pricing for you.  The good news is there are some

guidelines to help you move forward fearlessly. Here, Dr. Misty Kimbrell DNP, RN, ACNP-BC shares

her top 10 things to avoid when getting Botox for the first time.

1) One and only.

Don’t fall for it. While this is a sweet Valentine’s Day sentiment, it doesn’t apply to your face. Botox

is wonderful because even your grandmother has heard of it but, that doesn’t mean it is the one and

only treatment option available or the neurotoxin that is  best for you.  Also, what’s best for you may

not be what works best for your friends.  There are actually four  products in what is called the

neuromodulator market: Botox, Dysport,  Xeomin, and Jeuveau (aka Newtox). While they share the same active ingredient they are three different neurotoxin products.  As you take these first steps toward wrinkle reduction, don’t do so with a mindset that you already know which product is best for you.  One may be a better fit for you

than another. Let’s raise the bar a little higher and find a provider with experience in all the subtle

differences these product options offer you.  

2) Were number one!  

If a injector provider boasts that they have the best Botox in Dallas that should be a red flag. As we now know,

there are 4 different neuromodulators, thus being #1 in Botox suggests either a one size fits all approach

or a lack of familiarity or training in the many other treatment options in the market.  There is a surprisingly

broad range of providers out there starting with your spa or nail salon. As a rule, most experienced

injectors do not like to work in that environment.  On the other end of the spectrum is the reputed #1

plastic surgeon to the stars. They may do wonderful breast enhancements, but that is no guarantee that

they’ll be any good at Botox, let alone even be in the office the day of your appointment. The right provider

for you most likely is not the one with highest volume or glitziest marketing campaign.  Choose a provider

that looks at you, the patient, as being number one.
3) Different strokes.  

People are different and their bodies respond differently to the three different neuromodulator products.  

There are several unique product features to be mindful of. For starters, the products spread under the skin

differently and might be more appropriate for different areas of the face. Some act faster, or wear off sooner,

or react differently.  The product formulations are differentiated.  For example, Botox and Dysport are

formulated with an accompanying protein. Some people do not react well to this protein resulting in

headaches,  so Xeomin may be a better alternative because it lacks the protein and reduces your risk of

“Botox Headache”  following your treatment.  Dysport has been shown to have faster onset and better

longevity for some patients.   Making it a great treatment option for patients that feel like their results are

not lasting long enough.  And last  but not least, the dosage levels are different, which in the wrong hands

could create some serious problems.  Your Aesthetic Provider needs to understand these product

differences and which one you will respond to the best.

4) Takes 2 to Tango.

Your dance partner can’t dip if there isn’t someone there to lift.  Your aesthetic provider needs to have more

than one dance move as well.  The best result most often includes more products than just a toxin (aka neuromodulator) such as Restylane, Bellafill, Eclipse PRP, Juvederm, Voluma, and Radiesse to name a few.  Each has their own unique

characteristics. A combination therapy that includes a wide variety of fillers, peels, and lasers will work

together to dip, fill, and lift in order to create a synergistic outcome.  Frankly, only a handful of providers have

the training and experience in such a diverse list of products. 

5) Point and shoot.

 An Aesthetics Provider really needs to take the time to analyze the intricacies of your individual face.  As well

as,  understand the aging process and how it has affected your face.  Including how the muscles interact,

your  skeletal structure and how much collagen, fat, and bone your face has lost over the years.  This is not

something  attained at a three day weekend Botox certification seminar. While there are general areas of the

face where these products work, such as the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes, there is no template

for where to shoot that  applies to everyone. 

6) Freeze!

You know what I mean, and it’s often the reason many people haven’t tried Botox before. An Aesthetics

provider's goal  in aesthetics is to replace what aging took away from you and in some cases correct 

flaws. Not to change you into something else. More is not necessarily better and sometimes less is not best. 

There is a balance,  between under and over treating, that an experienced Aesthetic Provider has learned

over the years.

7) I’ll be back.

Go into your first treatment expecting to be back several times a year. The happiest patients with the best

results  tend to be the ones that return to the same Aesthetics Provider year after year. Most procedures are

nonpermanent corrections that will need frequent updates to keep your more youthful look optimized over 

time. It’s a long term relationship so take care to do the research up front to find someone you can envision

coming back to.  And always schedule a follow up after your treatment. 

8) Super Cuts.

When it comes to injecting things into your face do you view it the same as shopping for a burrito on

Groupon or more akin to shopping for a new hair salon? What does this have to do with my Botox you ask?

If you want an inexpensive haircut in 20 minutes, that’s fine. However, rather than an assembly line you

might be happier with a provider that is willing to spend time with you. This is called a consultation and

there will even be a medical chart generated. There are a lot of questions you have. The Aesthetics Provider

has lots of questions for you as well. This takes time, maybe even an hour, so ask how much time is set

aside for your consultation. The answer may impact whether your results are super, or not. 

9) Mona Lisa.

Is she smiling or frowning? Or both? The artist had great skill to achieve that look. Your Aesthetics

Provider has to be an artist too. This is an innate talent that goes beyond skillful hands. Understanding the

product is important. Medical training in skeletal and muscle structure is important. But often the missing

ingredient is the artistic eye than sees the canvas and envisions how to layer paint and colors in a manner

to achieve a desired end product.  This is an intangible that you can’t find on a website, or brochure, or an

advertisement.  Again, a consultation, face to face, may be helpful in finding your artist. 

10) Wink, wink.

So the Groupon deal or advertisement in the mail is just too good to pass up? Oh my, honey this really is

your first  time! As so many before you have discovered that promotional price might be for only one

“wink”, not two winks. If that price is only enough to treat the crow’s feet around one eye, and you are not

a Cyclopes, then you will find yourself sitting in the procedure chair spending a lot more money than you

expected when you first walked in. Money should not be the deciding factor in selecting your Aesthetics


Your forthcoming more youthful appearance can be a reality if you avoid some of the first timer mistakes

by finding an Aesthetics Provider with the right experience, skills, products, and pricing. 

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