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PRP Facelift   (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Hair Model
Hair Model
Hair Model

PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma. My patients are very excited about this procedure for two reasons. 1) Unlike a peel or laser treatment you can go to work or out on the town hours later, and 2) impressive results. Younger revitalized skin. As part of the body’s healing ability, platelets and other components in human blood migrate to the point of care. Platelets are well known to release numerous growth factors that respond to tissue injury and initiate and promote the conditions for healing including collagen production. Eclipse PRP™ is an autologous (we draw your own blood to harvest the platelets) system that allows physicians to prepare platelet rich plasma at the patient point of care.  The outcome is refreshed new skin in the face, neck or chest. This system using micro needling has been safely used in hundreds of thousands of procedures worldwide.  We are also using a variant of this approach to treat hair loss.

What to expect?  This is a minimally invasive treatment using  many fine needle pricks (Microneedling) throughout the treated areas. As such expect several  small pricks during to treatment.   Actual injection time will be only 12-30 minutes but expect more than an hour duration for the appointment in order to drawn blood, centrifuge, prepare the platelets and re-inject. There will be redness for 3-5 day until fresh new skin growth appears.

How do I start?   First with a consultation with Misty. We suggest making an appointment 1-2 weeks prior to any special events. 

When do I see results? Between 3-5 days as redness is replaced with refreshed skin, with  continuing onset for  months beyond from stimulating collagen growth. We also schedule a follow up appointment to monitor progress. 

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