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Confident Woman
Confident Woman
Confident Woman

Pixel laser procedure involves creating tiny punctures or dots  in the skin   to trigger the body’s natural healing response in the affected area and promote healing and new healthy skin. It thereby achieves  skin rejuvenation with less or fractionated laser exposure on the skin. A more controlled micro damage. This reduced exposure enables a faster healing time compared to many other more intense laser procedures.  The treatment  refreshes sun-damaged skin, mitigates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,  reduces the appearance of acne scarslarge poresage spots, blemishes, and  uneven skin tone. While traditional skin resurfacing lasers target the entire surface, fractional lasers like the Pixel create controlled microdamage on only part of the skin’s surface, leaving the rest of the skin intact in order to minimize damage to healthy tissue, promote healing, and reduce downtime. The Pixel laser technique is less invasive, more comfortable and involves less downtime as compared to traditional resurfacing laser procedures.

Pixel laser also  tightens and firms up  loose skin to some degree while improving the overall skin tone and texture. Patients with dull and lackluster skin can benefit from this procedure. In addition to the face, it can even treat areas such as thighs and abdomen which may have stretch marks.



IPL and Pixel Laser are both non-invasive  light-based  procedures that promote a healing process in the skin. Each is designed differently to address different aesthetics goals.  IPL exposes light uniformly and is mostly recommended as a treatment for pigmentation issues of the skin such as  sun spots, age spots, and rosacea .  Pixel Laser, on the other hand, is an ablative  fractionated light,  meaning only a fraction of the skin is exposed to the light. It creates  many tiny punctures or dots in the skin.   It is primarily aimed at resurfacing the skin to remove anomalies on the

skin surface and smooth out acne

scars and minor wrinkles.

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