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BEAUTY MEDICAL AESTHETICS supports Kozy for Kids and provides storage space and a drop off location.

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Kozy for kids has a mission  to donate new cozy throw blankets for area children's hospitals to provide comfort to kids making a hospital or ER visit.


Bring a little bit of warmth , sense of home, and coziness to 

children experiencing a hospital visit. In the past three years there have been over 5 million hospital stays for children annually throughout the U.S. That’s more than 5 million children, on an average stay of 5 days, away from their home and their family. After being rushed to the hospital myself this past year and being in the cold emergency room for more than 6 hours with a possible  concussion, freezing, and my mom on her way, I wanted a sense of home.  I saw a need. I’ve created “Kozy for Kids” with the mission to bring a little  bit of warmth, sense of home, and coziness to those children for a more relaxing and love filled hospital stay. If there can be just a little bit of home  and family feeling to ease the anxiety of a child’s stay, whether in the emergency room or an extended stay it makes the child’s memories a lot more pleasant.

For questions or to arrange a drop off text 469 608 1008 or use the contact us form below.

“Kozy for Kids” is underway and already making waves of joy for many children in the metroplex. In the DFW area, there are more than 60 hospitals alone and more than 300 hospitals in Texas. Currently, I have partnered with Cooks Children’s Hospital and Medical City Children’s Hospital. We are collecting cozy throw blankets for the children and distributing them accordingly. As I deliver the blankets to the hospital I will also perform for the group of children a mini concert of some of my favorite songs, take pictures, and visit. I want to bring “Kozy for Kids” items but leave with impacting the kids with joy and love through song.
As Miss Coppell's Outstanding Teen, I will continue this mission and work diligently to enlist other volunteers and title holders to join in the mission. I would like to reach all 60 hospitals throughout the DFW area and provide warm, cozy throw blankets or a plush stuffed animal to every child that enters the hospital. Whether they are rushed to the emergency room or admittedfor an extended stay they will receive a colorful fleece throw blanket that is age appropriate or possibly a plush stuffed animal that they can hold onto for their visit. Then, as they leave they are able to take their “Kozy for Kids” item home with them. There are other items on the hospitals wish list for children and there are so many needs. This is one area that can be easily
filled and donated while making the child’s hospital visit a pleasant one. My plan is to then see “Kozy for Kids” evolve into a statewide mission and eventually a nationwide program. I also would work to bring this program to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. I believe as Miss Coppells' Outstanding Teen I can make an impact with this platform and as Miss Texas Outstanding Teen reach throughout our great state and impact many more


  • We are collecting cozy throw blankets for children and distributing them​ to hospitals and ER rooms across the DFW Metroplex.

  • You can Purchase a comfy throw blanket and drop off at location below.

  • Something kid friendly, colorful, or familiar characters.

  • Or donate cash or check and we will make the purchase for you.

  • And please God in all we do.

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