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IV Therapy

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This is a boost for work-a-holics,  busy moms, and athletes. These Intravenous therapies provide the ideal, most efficient, and safest way possible to deliver natural vitamins and minerals to your body.  Misty will evaluate your needs, whether it be wellness, immunity, hydration, beauty, performance or recovery, and deliver a customized IV. We often encourage an IV as a synergistic treatment during your other aesthetic treatments as a way to work on the inside and the outside. IV therapy is another way for you to look your best,  feel your best, and stay beautiful.

Beauty in a Bag - Liquid Wellness and Hydration Therapy, and More.

What do Hollywood Celebrities, Rock Stars, and Professional Athletes know that you don’t?

It’s been in the news. Celebrity and fashion magazines like Elle and Cosmo. Fitness magazines like Shape and Women’s Health. You’ve seen dehydrated athletes on the sidelines getting IVs.  Some of the earliest headlines were focused on hangover clinics so we initially struggled with a case of “infusion confusion”. Today, intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy is flourishing on the west coast for health conscious people in the know to help fight fatigue, increase energy, stimulate metabolism, get a healthy glow, recover from workouts, and boost immunity before travel. From the Beauty Medical Aesthetics perspective our aesthetics and wellness tools such as injections, lasers, peels, and such, have materially improved the youthful appearance of my patients, yet I wondered, “am I just scratching the surface?”.  Is IV therapy a way for me to work from the inside out?

Drip Tease?

 It all started gradually several years ago, with a slow drip, drip, then progressed further, and cascaded into a waterfall. Frankly, my patients had been asking for it. The IV drip

isn’t that far off from the skinny shots and

hormone replacement injections I already

offer. I had been following this trend for years

yet I always had questions. Is this a fad or is

this science? We have all seen fads like oxygen

therapy bars, hangover lounges, cryotherapy

spas, but before I introduced something new

to my clients, new to Dallas even,  I did the 

research on the benefits from a beauty,

performance and wellness perspective.     

Hollywood Comes to Dallas

I am pleased to offer  our IV nutrient therapy drips.

Our goal is to provide you a safe and medically

supervised setting for your personally designed

vitamin and mineral infused IV nutrient therapy

benefiting your beauty, performance, and

wellness health.  


Flintstones Vitamins.

Eat your spinach to grow strong and take Vitamin C if you feel a cold coming on. We have all heard these sayings and it makes sense that what you put in your body impacts how you feel and look. And the size of the vitamin and nutritional supplement market, $12 – 37 billion depending on whose estimates and what categories are included, supports the belief that Americans are taking vitamins and supplements for a variety of reasons. It’s my nature though to ask if the results justify this spending and more importantly, is consuming these products orally the optimal delivery method?

The Science.

First, get the image of party hard Keith Richards out of your head. This isn’t a blood transfusion and understanding how he is still alive is a whole other research topic. For our discussion IV therapy is the administration of a fluid substance (solution) directly into a vein as a therapeutic treatment. You can call it a “drip”.  Many people enjoy the boost an antioxidant smoothie or a shot of wheat grass provides yet more than half the nutrients never make it past the digestive system into your bloodstream. The same is true for oral daily vitamins. The goal of a drip is to deliver a higher dose of essential vitamins and  minerals directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system to allow maximum cell absorption making it more effective and faster acting than taking them orally. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for a healthy body and are obtained through the foods we eat. Unfortunately, whether a result of a fast paced lifestyle or over processed foods many people are deficient in these essential nutrients. These vitamins and minerals are part of a biochemical process in every cell in our bodies. A number of nutritional deficiencies are suspected as a potential cause for many chronic illnesses.  Our interest lies in the influence nutrients have on aging, a weak immune system, athletic performance/recovery, allergies, hormone balance, fatigue, libido, and migraines. Although I am not advocating IV therapy as a cure all nor a substitute for consulting your personal physician for a serious medical condition, I do advocate IV therapy as an adjunct in any condition where low levels of nutrients are present. And I can attest patients claim the beauty treatments do indeed make their skin glow and the wellness treatments do provide an energy boost.

Its in the Bag

What nutrients we put in the IV bag will depend on your specific needs. We have created a menu that generally falls into three categories.

1. BEAUTY-  Looking to get a  “glow” on your skin? Your friends may even comment on your appearance s within hours of your treatment. Results can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and encourage production of collagen.  Try our “Fountain of Youth’ drip.

2. FITNESS – Feeling lethargic the night before a 5K run? Sore muscles from the previous day’s hard work out? Try our “Game Day” drip for hydration, energy, and recovery.

3. WELLNESS – Looking for an immune system boost before a trip overseas? Try our “Immune Cocktail” drip to reduce cold and flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, reduce oxidative stress, and protect against free radicals. Is work or kids getting you down? Try our “Myers Cocktail” drip for an energy boost to cope with a busy lifestyle. 

Get Your Drip On

What to expect. Your first visit starts with a short consult with me and a review of your medical history. Based on that discussion, if warranted, I will recommend a drip cocktail personalized for your needs. After checking your blood pressure we will start the drip. Settle into a chair and plan to have time to answer emails on your phone or tune into Netflix as the treatment on average will last an hour. Lastly, expect to call us the next day and rave about the results and share social media posts with your friends.


 As discussed above, providing the body with the essential nutrients it requires is generally healthy for most people.  There are small risks associated with the intravenous injection process, which may include bruising around the needle injection site.  During and after infusions patients can experience a variety of feelings ranging from energetic to very sleepy or dizzy. Consider having a meal or snack prior to your appointment.


 As the body absorbs vitamins and minerals it is only natural that the positive effects will eventually wear off. That is why we recommend memberships to keep an ongoing treatment regimen.

Infusion Conclusion.

At last we have reached the “infusion conclusion”,  IV nutrient therapy from Beauty Medical Aesthetics is one more way to “Stay Beautiful”. 

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