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This is a severely under treated indication and many of my patients have previously tried options with less than satisfactory results.  Atrophic acne scars are pitted scars that occur when fibrous tissue replaces healthy tissue damaged by acne and not enough replacement collagen is formed. Acne scars can have a physical and emotional impact on individuals, and have shown to cause high levels of anxiety and self-consciousness. In fact, in an independent study, 71 percent of people feel that their acne scars negatively affect their self-confidence. I’ve seen first hand the emotional and physical impact that acne scars have on patients. It can make them feel ashamed, embarrassed and lessen their self-confidence on a day-to-day basis.  While most people are familiar with pharmaceutical treatments we have had success with two other aesthetic treatments for acne; resurfacing and dermal fillers. Resurfacing treatments such as peels, eMatrix, or Hydrojet help reduce the peaks. While fillers such as Bellafill is approved for adding volume to the valleys below the atrophic acne scar to lift it to the level of surrounding skin for smoother-looking skin. 


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