Misty, thank you so much for being so amazing!. I have seen great results with my procedures  and love it.!  Becky was wonderful         

                                                        Ashley (name and picture withheld for privacy)

Misty's personal experience.


This is the absolute best medical spa in Dallas. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. If you want to look years younger make appointment with this office. You will be satisfied with the results.

                                                Kathy (name and picture withheld for privacy) 


Getting my free birthday facial! If you're looking for a beauty doctor in the dallas area I HIGHLY recommend Misty Dale Kimbrell. I've been coming to her for years now.

                                                 M (name and picture withheld for privacy)

Misty is very talented and what I appreciate most is the the time she spends with me to ascertain the best treatment for me. I loved my dermatologist but I didn't feel that injections were a focus and I felt so rushed. My comfort with Misty has grown and encouraged me to make greater strides in achieving results in my appearance than I previously thought possible.

                                                 Clara (name and picture withheld for privacy) 

I recently visited Dr. Misty for Bellafill injections and was truly blown away by my experience. I am turning 40 in a few months and was really feeling my age. The level of care I received at my visit was incredible. I immediately felt at ease with her. She is a great listener and really took the time to understand what I wanted out of treatment before making any recommendations. She then thoroughly explained my options before deciding on a treatment plan. She is a true professional, and her years of experience and product knowledge are beyond impressive. I chose Bellafill over fillers that I have done in the past because it actually stimulates my own collagen and can last up to five years. I am absolutely in love with my results! Dr. Misty and Bellafill exceeded all of my expectations. I can't thank her enough for making me feel and look better turning 40 than I did in my 30's! 

​                                                 Mandee  (name and picture modified for privacy)


thank you for really helping me feel great about myself. My skin @ 40 is the best it has ever been!


                                                  Stef (name and picture modified for privacy) 

Very professional staff and treatment. For my first ever facial peel I went with the Eclipse PRP. My experience with laser treatments and peels has been seeing others hide with red faces for several days so I have been apprehensive. And the idea of going to a the equivalent of a nail spa to have someone right out of beauty school mess with my face is scary. This Eclipse PRP treatment is amazing. I had only modest redness and peeling was just tiny flakes so i was able to go to work the next morning. What impressed me most is the technology. Drawing your own blood to use platelets and growth factors to grow new healthy skin. It worked great.  Dr. Misty and her assistant are one of a kind.
                                                      B   (name and picture modified for privacy)


Misty is the absolute best at what she does! She was able to take 10 years off me in one session with a variety of formulas that lasted a full 6 months or more. She put me at ease during the procedure,used her "potions", and there was no discomfort at all! She also has lots of experience and education in the aesthetic procedures area, which also put me at ease. I wouldn't go to anyone else if I wanted that kind of treatment.

                                                    Jen   (name and picture modified for privacy)


Dr. Misty Kimbrell     DNP, RN, ACNP-BC

BEAUTY  Medical Aesthetics